Job Fair Offers Veterans a Fresh Start

January 29, 2024

In an event marked by high turnout and positive public reponse, the Department of Labor in collaboration with Keehi Lagoon Memorial Organization hosted a successful job fair at Keehi Lagoon Memorial. The event, which took place on Tuesday, January 30th, drew hundreds of attendees, ranging from fresh graduates to seasoned professionals, all seeking new career opportunities.

A special provision for military veterans and their spouses allowed them early entry to the fair at 9 a.m., an hour before the doors opened for the general public. This ensured that those who have served the country received the special recognition by ensuring priority access to opportunities.

The fair boasted participation from over 30 employers from federal, state, and private sectors, presenting a diverse range of job opportunities. Some employers were even prepared to offer positions on the spot, which added to the dynamic and upbeat atmosphere of the event. Among the notable participants were the City and County of Honolulu Department of Human Services with over 20 job openings, Marriott International Hotels offering more than 70 positions, Bank of Hawaii with 50 vacancies, Federal Bureau of Investigation with a whopping 100 opportunities, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam First Responders with 50 positions, and Veterans Administration with an impressive 300 job openings.

The success stories from the fair were numerous, with many attendees securing interviews and some even walking away with job offers in hand. The broad range of opportunities, from full-time and part-time positions to entry-level roles and internships, ensured that there was something for everyone.

Job seekers benefited from career advancement advice, and the availability of laptops made the application process smoother and more efficient. The provision of WIFI and printing services for resumes further underscored the organizers’ commitment to facilitating a successful job search for every participant.

The event is part of a series of Department of Labor job fairs which began at the park in 2022.