Mission Programs & Activities

Honoring the sacrifices of Hawai’i Veterans through service to our Community
To maintain the Ke’ehi Lagoon Memorial (KLM) grounds and facilities as a special place to honor all veterans, especially the fallen; to provide a venue for activities that sustain KLM as a ‘Living Memorial’; and to support community programs that serve, assist and benefit disabled veterans and their families, at-risk youth; and the general community.



Each year, the KMO Board of Directors approves funding to assist selected applicants pursue educational opportunities that lead to a college degree; professional license or certificate; or skills designation or certification from any accredited college/university, vocational trade school, or other post-high school skills training educational institution or program. The awards have a dollar value and are accessed by scholarship recipients through their school of enrollment. Funds are credited to the recipient’s school account for payment of educational expenses payable to the school.

TOMMY KAKESAKO SCHOLAR ($5,000) – This award honors the memory and legacy of Tommy Kakesako who was a member of the famed 442nd Regimental Combat Team, Company L. He provided the leadership and drive to establish the DAV in Hawaiʻi, KMO and the Keʻehi Lagoon Memorial as a living memorial to honor all veterans, especially the fallen. It is through his tireless and selfless efforts that the KMO Scholarship Program was created and continues today for the benefit of future generations.

SENATOR DANIEL K. INOUYE SCHOLAR ($2,500) – This award honors the memory and legacy of Senator Daniel K. Inouye, a Congressional Medal of Honor recipient as a member of the famed 442nd Regimental Combat Team. He distinguished himself in combat and served Hawaiʻi and our nation with distinction in Congress as Hawaiʻi’s Senior Senator and statesman. He was a relentless advocate and champion for honoring the sacrifices of all veterans and ensuring that our veterans received their rightful benefits for service to their Country.

SENATOR DANIEL K. AKAKA SCHOLAR ($2,500) – This award honors the memory and legacy of Senator Daniel K. Akaka, a World War II veteran, a distinguished educator, and member of Congress. He was a tireless advocate for education and for veterans, and as the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Veterans’ Affairs, Senator Akaka was a champion for the expansion of VA services to include the Post 9/11 G.I. Bill that improved education benefits for the new generation of service members and veterans.

KE’EHI MEMORIAL ORGANIZATION SCHOLARS ($1,000 to $1,250) – This award recognizes the efforts of all veterans, past and present, and pays tribute to their selfless service to safeguard our democratic principles and ensure our individual and collective freedoms.


In March 2021, Ke’ehi Memorial Organization donated the use of the John A. Burns Hall to the Veterans Administration (VA) to host a series of COVID-19 Vacination Events.

The VA used the 6200 square feet of this event meeting space to set up its vacination center with registration tables, patient waiting areas, vacination stations and post vacination observation areas. The VA Vacination Team of 40 dedicated professionals provided over 600 veterans with COVID-19 vaccinations.


The Ke’ehi Lagoon Memorial Organization (KMO) and the UH Army ROTC have entered into a partnership for mutually benficial activities between the two organizations. KMO provides an ideal venue for the ROTC Commissioning Ceremonies, during which the Cadets make the transition to Second Lieutenants. The Cadets engage in a series of annual service projects that help provide maintenance and upkeep of the Ke’ehi Lagoon Memorial Park. These service projects will allow the Cadets to contribute to the Legacy of the Veterans who worked in building and maintaining this important memorial park.

The Ke’ehi Lagoon Memorial Organization has a rich history that intertwines with the Universary
of Hawaii Army ROTC program. From as early as World War II, UH Army ROTC program has
produced outstanding Cadets who answered the call to arms. By serving in the Varsity Victory Volunteers, Hawaii Territorial Guard, the 100th Infantry Battalion, 442nd Regimental Combat Team, UH Army ROTC Cadets lived by the motto Ikaika Imua, “to go forward with strength.”